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Doug and his team kayaking towards a lighthouse in Lake Michigan.

Supporting Data-Driven Stewardship

of our Priceless Great Lakes Basin Waterways

Focused on Water Science, Education, & Management

At WaterWays | SEM, we use our 35 years of freshwater science expertise to connect those who want to do more to steward the water and land they love with the environmental information needed to restore and protect their priceless waterways.

Doug McLaughlin outside leaning against a shiplap wall smiling and with arms crossed.

Meet Dr. Doug McLaughlin

Doug is the founder and director of WaterWays|SEM, L3C, a low-profit limited liability corporation supporting science, education, and management of water resources.

With over 35 years of experience as a water resources scientist, Dr. McLaughlin offers invaluable insight and essential tools you can use to better understand and protect your favorite waterway.

Our Services

The view from Doug's kayak with water survey and data analysis on the screen.

Waterway Surveys, Mapping, & Data Analysis

We design and carry out on-the-water surveys, and partner with environmental organizations and agencies to gather and interpret new and existing waterway data.

Project map of Kalamazoo River

Teaching & Training

We offer a variety of hands-on training, focused on collecting and managing managing waterway data.

A person looking through binoculars standing behind their kayak in shallow water

Waterway Science Experiences

We facilitate hands-on water science experiences and coordinate introductory science excursions to help people of all ages connect to the stewardship needs of the waterways in their communities. 

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