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The backs of 2 kayakers kayaking on the Michigan River.

WaterWays helps you experience, learn and collect information about rivers and lakes in the Great Lakes Basin and beyond.

Hi, I'm Doug - a water resources scientist with over 35 years of experience working with many partners on water issues in the Great Lakes Basin.

One of the best parts of living in the Great Lakes Basin is getting to enjoy our beautiful rivers, lakes, and streams. However, there are many challenges to the restoration and protection of these waterways, and many people want to do more. At the heart of better stewardship is the availability of rich, up-to-date information that can be shared throughout the community to help identify problems and priorities and protect the long-term health of these precious waterways. Environmental leaders often are limited by funding and personnel to gather the data they need to make informed decisions. 


At WaterWays | SEM, we use our many years of Great Lakes Basin water science expertise to help community members, organizations, and agencies experience and learn about their waterways, and to help collect and analyze the data needed to support better long-term waterway stewardship.

Our Core Values


We teach people how to best care for our Earth and waterways through community-centered learning opportunities and data-driven management.


We believe that stewardship and sustainability require us to work together. We take a relational approach to our environmental consulting work.


We proactively seek environmental solutions that invite people and the environment to flourish together.

About Doug

I am motivated in my profession by a desire to better understand and manage human interactions with the environment, especially our water environment. Developing and communicating good, transparent, collaborative science is basic to supporting good policies and decisions that move modern society toward sustainability, and living out our call to care for the Earth and all its people.

I've learned and served as a water resources expert in many capacities. I've published peer-reviewed papers, served on national and state science advisory boards, and worked on national water monitoring and information committees alongside representatives from around the water resources community.

A selfie of Doug kayaking in the Great Lakes Basin.
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