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A Great Blue Heron perched on a piece of drift wood in the Michigan River.

WaterWays Services

Connecting communities and waterways through river surveys, recreation, science, and education.

How can we help you help our watersheds and waterways?

WaterWays helps watershed organizations, environmental agencies, teachers, learners, and outdoor enthusiasts across the Great Lakes Basin support better data-driven stewardship of our priceless waterways. Whether you're interested in designing or conducting a river or lake survey, have questions about existing data, are educating current and future generations of water stewards, or are looking for a sciency twist to your next water adventure, our experience and insight can help you succeed.

Our Services

Data and Maps overlaid on a photo of someone kayaking in the Great Lakes Basin.

Data-Collection Consulting For Environmental Organizations & Agencies

Gathering the data for research, grants, or restoration plans can be time-consuming and expensive. As an L3C with over 35 years of environmental science consulting experience, our organization is committed and equipped to understand what data already exist, what they mean, and how to cost-effectively fill remaining information gaps. We also provide training on the use of low-cost environmental survey techniques that can be adapted for use by community scientists and volunteers.

A top-down view of someone kayaking.

Outdoor Adventures For Outdoor Enthusiasts and Community Scientists

Getting to paddle on a river or lake on a summer day? Fantastic. Simultaneously gathering important data for the long-term stewardship of that waterway? Even better. Interested? Fill out our contact form and we’ll let you know about our next adventure or help you plan your own!

Students taking notes at a Keynote presentation.

Stewardship Trainings and Keynotes For Science Educators

Long-term sustainability of our waterways can't happen without future generations dedicated to collecting and using good information on rivers, lakes, and watersheds. We help educators and their students explore the sources and value of water data while they learn about and experience the waterways around them.

Let's take the next step

We know that stewardship starts with getting to experience and grow our love for rivers.

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